Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, issued a statement on Friday welcoming the restoration of relations with Jordan after a series of talks between Hamas officials and representatives of the Jordanian government. 

On Thursday, Hamas political bureau member, Mohammad Nazzal, met with the Jordanian Intelligence Chief, Mohammad Zahabi, to discuss the relations between the two sides.

Hamas relations with Jordan were clouded two years ago after the Jordanian government accused the movement of smuggling weapons into the kingdom using a ship. Hamas totally denied the allegations.

Also, the Jordanian official demanded Hamas to refrain from siding with any party in Jordan and to refrain from intervening in the internal Jordanian issues. Jordan claims that Hamas supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan and is attempting to control the Jordanian trade unions.

 So far, it remains unclear whether Hamas will reopen its offices in Jordan, yet the Hamas-Jordanian relations appear to be heading towards reconciliation.  

 Furthermore, Fawzi Barhoum, spokesperson of Hamas, stated that that the meetings with Jordanian officials were conducted as part of attempts by Arab and Muslim countries to hold talks with Hamas and lift the embargo on the movement.

He added that talks with Jordan are considered a Jordanian decision to recognize the legitimacy of Hamas.