Talal Abu Thareefa, member of the political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) stated on Monday that representatives of five Palestinian factions had held a meeting and called for a comprehensive national dialogue to end internal divisions and affirm the Cairo declaration of 2005, the National Unity Document of 2006 and the Yemeni Initiative. Abu Thareefa stated that the meeting had brought together leaders of the DFLP, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP), the Islamic Jihad and Fatah movement.

The delegates agreed on the necessity to form a national unity government which could act to unite all institutions and prepare for new presidential and legislative elections based on the relative representation quota.

They also affirmed the need to reform and rebuild all security devices in professional and national basis. They also said that the Legislative Council should be reactivated and called for reforming the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and all of its institutions.

Moreover, Abu Thareefa called for an immediate halt of smear media campaigns between Fatah and Hamas and the ongoing political arrests. He also called for the release of all political prisoners.

The parties specified the following goals to achieve;

1.       The aim of the talks is to end internal divisions and restore national unity.

2.       The talks should take the form of a comprehensive national dialogue.

3.       The talks should be based on;

A:  The National Unity Document of 2006.

B:  The Cairo Agreement of 2005.

C: The Yemeni Initiative.

4.       The subject of talks;

A:  Forming a National Unity Government which will achieve two principles;

1.       Unite all authority devices and institutions.

2.       Prepare for presidential and legislative elections based on relative representation principle.

B:  Reforming all security devices based on national and professional standards.

C:  Reactivating the Palestinian Legislative Council based on the basic Palestinian law.

D: Implement the Cairo Agreement regarding reforming the PLO and its institutions.

E: Steps needed to ensure successful dialogue;

1.       Stop all smear media campaigns.

2.       Stop all political arrests, release all political prisoners, and to form a national committee which will include Hamas and Fateh in order to end this file.

              F: Ensuring democratic freedom, the freedom of expressions, and ending all attacks on public freedoms.