Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, reported on Friday that Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in Gaza are continuing to develop their missile capabilities and are manufacturing explosives that could be stored for extended periods. The paper also said that Hamas is now capable of firing 100 homemade shells on daily basis.

The paper also reported that Israel will eventually find itself facing a developed missile system in Gaza, and that this system is not much different that the missiles of Hezbollah.

Israeli security sources stated that the military power of Hamas developed after the current truce was reached, and that Hamas is ongoing with the development of more accurate missiles.

According to the paper, Hamas managed to develop an advanced missile which carries a 90 millimeter explosive head and is capable of carrying advanced explosive materials.

Israel said that similar missiles were previously fired from the Gaza Strip and that Hamas continued to train its fighters by firing missile towards the sea. These missiles could hit a targeted as far as 22 kilometers away.

Yedioth Ahronoth also reported that Hamas managed to smuggle 8000 iron pipes into the Gaza Strip, and that these pipes are the main component of homemade shells. It also said that Hamas obtained polychloride which is used in manufacturing explosives.

The Israeli security services said that Hamas wants to be able to fire 100 missiles or more each day.

Moreover, the paper said in its report that the Islamic Jihad managed to developed a 115 millimeter shell which carries 6 kilograms of explosives.

Regarding talks on the release of the captured soldier, Gilad Shalit, the paper said that Egypt informed Israel that a development could be achieved in November this year. The paper also said that Hamas is not showing any flexibility in its position and that Egypt is practicing pressure on the movement by detaining Hamas members in Egypt and closing the border terminal.

Israel is practicing pressure on Egypt to increase the border security in order to stop the smuggling of weapons and ammunition into the Gaza Strip. Israeli security sources said that Egypt uncovered 138 tunnels since the truce was declared; the tunnels were closed and detonated.