Azzam Al Ahmad, head of the Fateh parliamentary bloc, stated on Friday that the current Palestinian-Israeli talks are on a standstill and will not achieve any positive results as the United States and Israel are objecting to any internal talks between Hamas and Fateh.

Speaking to reporters in the West Bank city of Ramallah after participating in a session of the Palestinian National Council in Jordan, Al Ahmad said that changing the current situation or achieving a settlement to the conflict are impossible issues as long as Gaza and the West Bank are still divided.  

He also said that the initiative of president Mahmoud Abbas, which was presented on June 4 ended 48 hours after it was declared, because “Hamas and the United States did not want it, while Arab countries remained idle”.

Al Ahmad added that calling on the factions to convene in Cairo will be a waste of time especially since the United States and Israel are cornering the security forces and the Palestinian Authority.

He also said that the weapons of the security forces in the West Bank are “defected” and that the Israeli vice premier, Shaul Mofaz, refused to allow the entry of 1000 rifles from Jordan and from Egypt to the West Bank.

Al Ahmad said that Mofaz suggested that the Palestinian Authority should “buy its weapons from the black market”.