The Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, stated on Friday that abducting Israeli soldiers is an open option for all resistance groups in order to trade them with Palestinian detainees imprisoned by Israel.

The statement of the brigades came during a training session on Friday in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The fighters used light weapons, anti-tank missiles and explosives and conducted a training on breaking into buildings and abducting soldiers.

One of the fighters stated that Hezbollah in Lebanon has a very good experience in abducting Israeli soldiers and forcing the Israeli government to conduct prisoner-swap deals.

“Their resistance and steadfastness forced Israel to comply with their demands”, the fighter said, “there are more than 10000 Palestinians imprisoned by Israel and only resistance can free them. This can only be done by abducting soldiers and trading them with detainees who are sentenced to high terms”.

The fighter also said that the truce is holding on since June 19, but did not bring about any development, especially regarding lifting the siege, and added that the truce “only brought peace to the settlers who live around the Gaza Strip”.

He also said that Israel continuously violated the truce, continues to seal the border crossing and continues to bar the entry of foods, medicine and other fundamental supplies.

He demanded all factions in Gaza to convene and discuss the fate of the truce as more patients are dying due to the siege and the army is ongoing with the attacks against the fishermen, the houses, the farmlands, and all residents in the Gaza Strip.