Hamas media sources reported on Monday that Palestinian security forces, loyal to president Mahmoud Abbas, arrested eight members and supporters of the movement in the West Bank.

The sources said the security forces arrested in Jericho an elderly man identified as Ghassan Ashour after breaking into his shop. Ashour suffers from several chronic diseases. Also in Jericho, Mohammad Totah, an administrator at Al Islah Charitable Society, who was previously arrested by the security forces, was moved to a local hospital due to a sharp deterioration in his health condition.

In Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, security forces arrested Hasan Al Sharouf, and Nizar Al Fdeilat. Another Hamas supporter who was kidnapped ten days ago is still detained at a Palestinian security center; he was identified as Hasan Al Badawi.

In Bethlehem Disctrit, the security forces arrested Ali Shousha, head of the Husan Village Council and also arrested Qasem Al Balboul while he was participating in a celebration welcoming a detainee who was freed from an Israeli detention center.

In Tulkarem District, the forces attested Taiseer Jaber and Kamal Masharfa from Nour Shams refugee camp and resident Sofian Estetiya.

Furthermore, reported Mustafa Sabri, the elected member of Qalqilia municipality remained imprisoned by the security forces for the twenty-fifth day without any charges.

Sabri was interrogated nine times in the past few months and each time he would be released in the same day or spend a number of days under interrogation. On July 27, Sabri was arrested only two days after he was released by the security forces, and is still detained until without charges.