Hundreds of wounded Palestinians and their families protested on Thursday against the Palestinian Authority headed by President, Mahmoud Abbas, for the decision to delay the UN discussions of the Goldstone report. The residents stated “many months after the Israeli was on Gaza, and after we lost parts of our bodies, became disabled by the assaults of the occupation, we cannot forget what we lost, and we cannot forget the suffering”.

They stated that the “Zionist occupation caused all of this suffering by shelling civilian, areas, schools and, civilian and education facilities and mosques, but what is more painful is having a group of our people selling us out”.

In a press release, the wounded said that ‘what the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank did, after delaying the vote on the Goldstone report, is a sell-out, instead of having the occupation leaders prosecuted by international courts for their crimes”.

“The last thing we expected is to be betrayed by the Palestinian Authority with it criminal act of withdrawing its support to the report”, they added.

They considered this act as “treason to the nation, the blood of the wounded and the dead”, and rejected the justifications provided by the Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas.

The protesters demanded removing Abbas from his post and to prosecute and punish every person responsible for withdrawing the report.

They voiced an appeal to human rights societies and every person who believes in freedom and justice to intervene, and to act on prosecuting occupation officials for their crimes.

They also said that nobody is allowed to give away the Palestinian rights, the rights of the bereaved families and the rights of thousands of residents who suffered and continue to suffer under occupation, assaults and siege.