Abu Mujahid, spokesperson of the Popular Resistance Committees, stated that Israel is bitter for failing to receive any information about the location of the captured soldier, Gilad Shalit, and that Israel would have killed Shalit if it knew his location to avoid a prisoner-swap deal.In a press release, Abu Mujahid, said that three years after the capture of Shalit, is was never able to find his exact location, and even failed to determine whether he is still alive.

He said that the release of twenty Palestinian female detainees for a recent video of Shalit proves that Israel’s Intelligence is unable to get any info on Shalit without the resistance permission.

Some Israel media agencies claimed that Israel knows the location of Shalit, buy Abu Mujahid said that if Israel knew the location of the captured soldier if would have killed him to avoid any prisoner-swap deal.

Shalit was captured in June of 2006; Israel carried several military offensives into the Gaza Strip in order to secure his release but was unable to achieve its goals, and even failed to get any information on his condition.