The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel (Adalah) demanded the Israeli interior security minister, and the general commander of the Israeli police, to refrain from allowing the operation of a new under-cover force that would operate against the Arabs in Israel. The Center sent a letter to the two officials after Israeli daily Haaretz published a report on the new force.

Adalah demanded Israel to publish information on the new unit especially since the issue is considered another act of discrimination against the Arabs in Israel.

Israel claims that the new force is meant to counter ‘crime families’.

Attorney Orna Cohen of Adalah said that this unit is designated for operations targeting a certain national identity and not against crime in general.

Cohen added that a unit that operates among a minority group is suspicious in nature, and could easily lead to racial discrimination.

She lawyer stated that the discrete nature of this unit and its unclear agenda, in addition to operating underground, raises serious fears that it is conducting unconstitutional acts.