The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed Wednesday Chilean media reports stating that a bullet was fired Sunday at the vehicle of Israel’s Ambassador, David Dadon, smashing the windshield.El Mercurio Chilean newspaper reported that the ambassador was not in the car during the incident, and that there were no injuries.

The ambassador found out that a shot was fired at his vehicle as he was about to leave for an event during evening hours.

He called the police and officers were dispatched to the scene closing it to traffic. The police launched an investigation into the issue, and also questioned the guard who was stationed at the entrance to the street, Israeli Ynet News reported.

The police found out that the bullet found in the vehicle matches that hole in the windshield.

The Chilean authorities tightened the security of the ambassador, and said that other steps will be taken to ensure his safety.

President of the Jewish Community in Chili, Gabriel Zaliasnik, said that he is concerned over the incident, and that he does not rule out that it could be a terror attack.

He claimed that the atmosphere towards the Jews had worsened due to what he described as “false accusations” made by the Palestinian federation after the latest war on Gaza.