The Islamic-Christian Committee in Support of Jerusalem and the Holy Sites accused the United States administration of granting the government of Benjamin Netanyahu a green light to continue its violations in against the Arab homes and holy sites in Jerusalem. Dr. Hasan Khater, secretary-general of the committee, stated that the US stances against Israel’s illegal settlement activities managed to disturb Israel’s leaders, but they soon evaporated into thin air.

“Once the American pressure was off, Israel resumed its violations against Jerusalem and its residents”, Khater stated,

“The US is proving day by day that it cannot, or even not willing, to stop the Israeli violations and crimes against the people, their lands and their holy places”.

He also said that the United States totally ignored what happened recently in Jerusalem, and disregarded the constant attacks and threats against the Palestinians.

“Dozens of TV stations filmed Israeli soldiers and policemen breaking into the Al Aqsa mosque, and chasing the worshipers while firing at them”, Khater stated, “Israel surrounded the mosque for a full week, attacked women and children, while the U.S. failed to intervene, not even by words, while Israel continued its crimes against peace and the city of peace”.

“How would the US and the world react if it was the other way around”, Khater added, “What if Arab or foreign forces were chasing Jewish worshipers and firing at them near a synagogue”.

“Where did the statements of a new era go”, he said, “Where did the promises of Barack Obama go, is this the promised new era of improved relations with the Arab and Muslim worlds”.