Hundreds of Palestinians held a nonviolent protest in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, with the participation of international supporters and international Christian groups, and peace activist who came to the Holy Land to express support with the Palestinian people. The event was initiated by the Holy Land Trust. It started from the Manger Square and the protesters prayed for peace, justice and chanted slogans calling for achieving the Palestinian rights and calling on peace supporters around the globe to act in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

They marched in the streets of Bethlehem heading towards Aida refugee camp to a section of the Annexation Wall, the location where the Pope delivered his speech during his visit to Bethlehem.

The Holy Land Trust welcomed the participants and thanked Archimandrite Attalla Hanna of the Greek Orthodox Church for his active involvement in demanding justice, equality and freedom to the Palestinian people.

Bethlehem mayor, Victor Batarsa, said that this procession was held in Bethlehem, the city of nativity, to illustrate the unity and brotherhood between Muslims and Christians.

Louisa Morgantini, deputy head of the European Parliament, stated that she and other peace activists participated in this event to show solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom.

Sami Awad, head of the Holy Land Trust, said that the Palestinians have a just and humanitarian cause, and called on the international community to support their struggle for statehood.

Archimandrite Attalla Hanna of the Greek Orthodox Church, thanked the international supporters, and said that the Palestinian Right of Return is sacred and cannot be dropped, and that Jerusalem must be free, and the refugees must be allowed back to their homeland.

He pointed to the Annexation Wall behind him and said “this is a racist Wall, but the same way Berlin Wall fell, this one will fall too”. He then carried a Palestinian flag and said; “We will never abandon our land or give it away, regardless of conspiracies and pressures, we shall overcome, and we will stay remain steadfast”.