The Israeli Authorities released on Thursday two detainees from the occupied Golan Heights after imprisoning them for 25 years for resisting the occupation.The two, Bishir Al Maqt and Asem Al Waly, were released on Thursday evening, and the Red Cross phoned their families informing them of the unexpected released, and asked them to pick them up from the Glaboa’ prison.

The Arabs48 News Website reported that the families of the two detainees and dozens of residents drove busses and vehicles to welcome the freed detainees.

Hundreds of residents gathered in the Golan to welcome them upon arrival.

Local sources reported that the release of the two detainees could be the first step of the anticipated prisoner-swap deal.

It is worth mentioning that detainees Sidqi Al Maqt, was imprisoned along with Bishir Al Maqt and Asem Al Waly, but he was not released with them.