Israeli sources reported Monday that an American Scientist is believed to have transferred classified date to an Israeli intelligence officer. The Scientist worked for the Pentagon and the United States Space Agency (NASA).The scientist, Stewart David Nozette, 52, conducted an experiment which led to the discovery of water on the south pole of the moon, Israeli Ynet News reported.

He also worked at the White House under the former president, George H. W. Bush in the period between 1989 and 1990. He was working with the National Space Council.

The Ynet added that Nozette had previously held a security clearance at the Department of Energy on atomic materials.

The charges against him include attempting to communicate and deliver information related to the United States internal defense to a person believed to be an Israeli intelligence officer.

The scientist was apprehended in Chevy Chase suburb in Washington. His first court appearance was Tuesday and he could be facing a life term.
Israel denied any relation with the scientist.

The US Justice Department said that Nozette held security clearances from 1989 until 2006, and that he had access to classified information and documents regarding the United States national defense.

It added that an undercover FBI agent contacted Nozette in early September of this year, and claimed that he is an Israeli intelligence officer.

He met with the undercover FBI and offered to answer any question in exchange for money.

The Ynet reported that Nozette and the undercover FBI agent exchanged envelops of money for information regarding US satellite technology.

He also offered information regarding military satellites, nuclear weaponry, and advanced weapons systems.