The Israeli cabinet refrained during its Tuesday session from discussing the formation of a committee to discuss the events of the Gaza war earlier this year and the Goldstone report.
The decision came after a number of ministers, including Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, objected to any discussion on the issue.

Israeli Radio reported that the Cabinet discussed the effects of Goldstone report on Israel’s relations.

Different government agencies will resume the discussions on the effects of the report in the coming few days.

Israel refused to cooperate with Judge Richard Goldstone and his team when they arrived in the region to probe the incident of the war.

Israel said that it investigated the war and decided that its army acted within the international law.

Some 1600 Palestinians, mainly civilians, were killed by the Israeli army, and more than 6000 were wounded. Nine soldiers were killed by Palestinian fire and shells, and four deaths were caused by Israeli ‘friendly fire”.