As Israeli soldiers, members of the Shimshon Battalion Brigade, were in an oath taking ceremony in Jerusalem, several soldiers and their relatives carried posters vowing not to evacuate Israeli settlements. Israeli army leadership said its might dismiss the soldiers responsible for raising signs against the evacuation.

Family members of the cadets carried similar signs, expressing their rejection to any withdrawal.

Several months ago, Shimshon Battalion members evacuated a number of fundamental right wing settlers from Homesh settlement.

Israeli army spokesperson said that the army would deal with what he described as a “shameful and usual incident”.

He said that the soldiers are from the Kfir brigades, and that their service could be terminated.

Israeli Ynet News reported the brother of one of the cadets said that army recruits joined the army due to ideological beliefs, and that they did not enlist to evacuate “their Jewish brothers”.

The Ynet added that an army source stated that out of 700 cadets, family members and guests, only a few raised the signs.

A fundamental group calling itself Homesh First ‘saluted the cadets’ for carrying the signs and described them as ‘real soldiers with Zionist spirits’.

The group added that members of the Shimshon Battalion will not participate in the ‘expulsion of Jews’.
West Bank fundamental settlers were pleased by the incident and stated that the Israeli army should not fight Jewish brothers, but instead should fight the enemy.