A poll conducted by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center (JMCC) reveals that 43.8 per cent of the Palestinians hold the Palestinian Authority responsible for the postponing of the Goldstone report at the Human Rights Council of the United Nations.Meanwhile, the poll indicates that, 18.1 per cent believe that the United States stands behind this delay, and 17.2 percent said that Israel is to be held responsible while 14.5 per cent blamed the Arab states for this delay.

The poll was conducted in the period of 7- 11 October and was based on a sample of 1200 people above 18 years old in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip with a marginal error of 3 percent.

It indicated variations in the perspective regarding the objectivity of the report. While 35.5 per cent of the investigated sample said report is biased towards Israel, 28.8 per cent said it is in favor of the Palestinians, and only 10.9 per cent believe the report was neutral.

The poll revealed a drop in the popularity of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas especially that it was done amidst a debate around the involvement of the Palestinian Authority in postponing the Goldstone Report.

Abbas’ popularity dropped to 12.1 per cent compare to 17.8 per cent in June and 15.5 in october 2008.

On the other hand, the popularity of the deposed Prime Minister, Isma’el Haniyeh of Hamas remained at 14.2 percent.

Moreover, 39.4 pre cent expressed dissatisfaction of Abbas’ administration, marking a drop by almost 9 per cent.

Apparently, the Goldstone report has its effect on chances for Abbas to be reelected president. For the first time, Abbas and the jailed Fatah leader Marwan Al-Barghouti had the equal polling results of 16.8, while 16 per cent said they will elect Haniyeh.