The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip said that general and presidential elections, sanctioned by President Mahmoud Abbas, will not be held in the Gaza.Hamas said that Abbas’ term in office had expired; therefore he cannot call for elections.

It added that elections should not be held before reaching a unity deal and before ending the ongoing divisions.

Hamas further said that it would question any person who participates in the elections.

Last Friday, president Abbas announced that legislative and presidential elections would be held in the Palestinian territories on January 24, 2010.

Dr. Aziz Dweik of Hamas, head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, stated Wednesday that Abbas’ call for elections is a declaration of the death of internal unity talks.

Dweik added that the security forces of Abbas are ongoing with their political arrests, and that elections cannot be held under the current circumstances.

He said that while unity talks were advancing and nearing a deal, Abbas’ declaration comes to destroy the prospects on unity.