Israeli Prime Minister stated at the conference of the General Assembly of the Jewish Federation in North America that he is willing to make concessions for peace but will never compromise Israel’s security.His speech came in Washington in front of some 3000 persons representing the Jews in United States.

He said that he wants real peace talks with the Palestinians and the Syrians in order to achieve a comprehensive and everlasting peace deal.

Netanyahu did not even mention the legitimate Palestinian rights in Jerusalem, the Right of Return, Borders or any of the fundamental issues that should be discussed in order to achieve the real peace he mentioned.

Some pro-Palestinian activists who managed to attend the speech raised Palestinian flags, and a woman carried signs calling for ending the siege on Gaza and stating that peace should be for the Israelis and the Palestinians as well.

Security personnel forcibly removed her out of the assembly hall.
The Israeli Prime Minister saluted the U.S. Congress for voting against the Goldstone report on Gaza war.

Addressing the Jewish community, Netanyahu said that strengthening the Jewish identity is no longer the sole responsibility of Jews in Diaspora, but also the responsibility of the “Jewish State”.

He also called on the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to resume peace talks with Israel but still stated that although his “goal is to achieve everlasting peace with the Palestinians”, yet “Jerusalem will forever remain the capital of Israel”.

Israel sources reported that Netanyahu intends to tell U.S. President Barack Obama, that he intends ‘to be generous on settlements issue”.

Yet, all settlements built on Palestinian lands are illegal, violate the International Law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

A last-minute meeting was scheduled between Netanyahu and Obama for Monday evening. He intend to tell Obama that he is serious about achieving peace, but will also set hi terms for this peace.