Dozens of activists protested on Thursday against the Israeli President, Shimon Peres, during a visit to Sao Paolo – Brazil. Peres was participating in an event when the activists gathered outside protesting against Peres and describing him as “Shimon Hitler”.Israeli Ynet News reported that one of the protesters told its reporter that the protest is against the government of Brazil for hosting Peres, the president of a country that occupied and kills Palestinian children.

The protesters added that protests would be held anytime an Israeli official, and would tell any official who visits the country that Israel kills children.

Argentina already boosted the security of Peres on Wednesday as Brazilian officials anticipated such protests.

Peres is visiting Argentina to advertise for an energy deal that would be signed between a Brazilian and Israeli company, the Ynet said.

An official accompanying Peres said that the Israeli presidents is hopeful that his visit would lead to a number of deal that mount to one billion U.S. Dollars.

Peres visited the Brazilian soccer star, Ronaldo, and invited him to visit Israel, and the later welcomed the Israeli president and said that he would be happy to visit Israel again.

As for the so-called Iranian file, Brazil defended its relation with Iran, and said that the country has the right to pursue a peaceful nuclear energy program.