Member of Hamas’ Political Bureau, Mohammad Nassr, said that the movement will not sign the Egyptian Unity deal for Palestinian reconciliation, and added that Hamas wants to achieve unity based on clear principles far away from external dictation.Nassr added that the document does not include any strategy or agenda that could be considered the constitution that protects internal unity.

In an interview with the Qatar-based Al Jazeera, Nassr said that Egypt insists on its document as it is without any modification, and that this document fits “the people of Oslo deals and the Quartet, but not the full interests of the Palestinian people”.

He further said that the Egyptian mediators handed Hamas a new document which is different than the one reached after numerous sessions of talks and negotiations.

Yet, the Hamas leader said that the movement wants to achieve unity so that the Palestinians can focus on protecting Jerusalem, countering settlements, and to end the illegal siege against 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza.

“There are some 300.000 Palestinians who lost their homes during the Israeli war on Gaza”, Nasr said, “The siege is ongoing, and aggression is ongoing, and the only fault of our people is participating in democratic elections”.