The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank decided to move to the UN four main files, regarding borders, the Wall, the Palestinians state and the illegal weapons used by Israel during its offensive against the Gaza Strip.The P.A hopes this would pressure Israel by putting it in confrontation with the International Community.

A senior P.A source told the Maan News Agency that the P.A is aware that it is facing serious challenges but at the same time it believes that it led peace talks from a week stance as an authority controlled by the occupation, holding bilateral talks manipulated by Israel.

He also said that the struggle should now be shifted from fruitless bilateral peace talks into a process directly monitored by the International

Community. This also aims at exposing ‘Israel’s crimes against humanity and its direct violations to the International Law.

The four main files are the establishment of a Palestinian State, especially since the international community supports this issue, including a demand to draw the borders of this state instead of leaving it to peace talks, the Israeli Annexation Wall which was ruled illegal by the Hague’s advisory decision, the Goldstone report, and the file of crimes against Palestinian political prisoners detained by Israel.

Moving those files to the United Nations would be done after consulting with Arab and International experts.

It is meant to oblige the International Community to uphold its responsibilities towards the Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation.