Head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Aziz Dweik, stated that efforts are ongoing to achieve national reconciliation, and added that he is still in contact with President Mahmoud Abbas in an attempt to reach a unity deal based on solid grounds.Dweik stated that reconciliation efforts were never fully suspended, but added that there are ‘some parties that are not interested in reconciliation’.

Commenting on some assassination threats reportedly made by officials in Ramallah, Dr. Dweik said ‘lives are in the hands of God, we seek heaven therefore we fear no threats’.

As for his stance should elections fail to be held in their original time, Dr. Dweik said that the Palestinian Law states that the head of the Legislative Council takes the duties of the president for 60 days, until new elections are held.

“This is the law, but some people who failed to pass elementary school grade state otherwise”, Dr. Dweik added, “My official stance will be declared in the right time and place’.