The Media Committee of Hamas political prisoners stated that detainee Ebada Bilal, 30, from the northern West Bank city was moved last week to Petah Tikva Israeli interrogation facility and was subjected to extreme torture. The committee added that the, Nelly Safady, the wife of Bilal is also under interrogation in Petah Tikva. She was kidnapped while trying to cross a checkpoint near Ramallah.

Directly after his wife was kidnapped by the army last week, Bilal was moved from the Negev detention camp to Petah Tikva where he was subjected to torture despite the fact that he is blind.

He was kidnapped seven years ago and was sentenced to eleven years imprisonment.

It is worth mentioning that Bilal is the brother of detainee Moath, who was sentenced to 21 life terms, and Othman, who was sentenced to 15 life terms.

One of Bilal’s brother-in-laws was killed by the Israeli army in 2002. Two of her brothers were kidnapped hours after she was kidnapped, and a third brother is currently imprisoned in the Negev detention camp.