Egyptian security forces uncovered a tunnel and two storehouses filled with goods meant to be smuggled into the besieged and impoverished Gaza Strip.
The tunnel and storehouses were uncovered as Egypt is conducting a security operation targeting tunnels across the border with Gaza. The first storehouse that was uncovered and raided by the security forces is located behind the local council of the Egyptian city of Rafah. A tunnel was also uncovered in the same location.

The Egyptian security forces also raided a storehouse filled with goods meant to be smuggled into Gaza in addition to raiding a warehouse owned by a fish-merchant in Al Arish area, the Maan News Agency reported.

The warehouses was filled with vehicles loaded with fabric meant to be smuggled into Gaza.

Four Egyptian men, including a government employee, were arrested and interrogated. The government employee admitted that the goods were meant to be smuggled into Gaza.

Several Human Rights Groups in Gaza warned that the ongoing siege is leading to further casualties among innocent civilians, as hundreds of patients died due to the lack of medical equipment and medications.

Gazans are lacking the basic materials needed to carry a decent livelihood such as cooking gas, fuel, food and basic goods.

Israel imposed the siege on the Gaza Strip in June 2006 in order to isolated the democratically elected Hamas dominated government.

The siege also led to at least $30 Million in agricultural losses, and also led to the suspension of 98% of industrial operations resulting in making more than 80% of the residents in the Gaza Strip fully dependent on international aid.