Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, stated Thursday that it waiting Israel’s response on Shalit deal and that Israel can decide whether the prisoner of war returns home by the beginning on the New Year.The movement said that it is ready to implement the deal without any delays should Israel approve it.

Israeli Ynet News reported that several Hamas leaders confirmed on Wednesday that the deal is now in Israel’s hands, as Hamas presented its responses to all related issues, and that it hopes a deal would be even carried out next week as the Muslims mark the new Hijri year.

The Ynet added that Hamas leaders consider the competition of the deal as an issue that depends on Israel as the movement does not have any more offers.

But Israel is still rejecting to release dozens of detainees mentioned in the list provided by Hamas and considers releasing them as a Red Line as, according to Israeli leaders, those detainees are involved in killing Israelis.

Several Israeli ministers oppose paying a ‘heavy price’ for the deal an issue that is making it difficult to guarantee that the Israeli cabinet would approve an anticipated deal.