Israeli Minister of the Likud Party, Benny Begin, stated that constructions in Israeli settlements will resume regardless of the temporary settlement freeze decision, and added that the 10-month freeze of settlement activities will witness increasing the number of settlers by the thousands.Begin said that at least 10,000 Jewish settlers will be living in the new constructions.

He added that the government “will not freeze the lives of the settlers in the West Bank”, and added that there should be no distinction between West Bank settlements, settlement Blocs, and isolated outposts.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, intends to approve further financial support, estimated at 25 Million USD to Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

He also approved a plan to support large settlements in several West Bank areas.

This includes the settlements of Itamar, Elon Moreh, Tapoah, Bracha, Keryat Arba, Edora, Beit Ayin, and several outposts in the Hebron area.

Netanyahu’s spokesperson, Mark Regev, said that the new plan would be presented to the Ministerial Council on Sunday for approval.
Regev added that these settlements are not part of the 10-month settlement freeze.

He further stated that the government wants to improve the services in these settlements by improving their infrastructure, transportation system, and educational facilities.