Egyptian sources reported that a border-guard Egyptian policeman was shot and killed on Thursday evening during armed clashes with armed drug smugglers along the Egyptian-Israeli border.A senior Egyptian security official said that the soldier was on guard along the International Border Mark 8, one kilometer south of the Kerem Shalom Crossing.

The official added that the soldier noticed the smugglers trying to cross the barbed wire and opened fire at them. The smugglers fired back and shot him dead before they fled back into Egypt.

Furthermore, Egyptian security sources stated that the unit in charge of installing the Iron Wall along the border came under fire from Palestinian gunmen.

The fire caused damage while no injuries were reported among Egyptian soldiers supervising the installation and the workers.

Hamas security forces in Gaza managed to remove the gunmen from the border area, while Egypt stepped-up its military presence and deployed more of its troops along the border with Gaza.

The Iron Wall is being installed by Egypt under direct supervision and support from the United States.