Abed Al Raheem Malouh, general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, blamed the Hamas Movement for stalling an agreement on National reconciliation.

The leftist leader added that all Palestinian factions, except Hamas, have already signed the Egyptian mediated document for National reconciliation even though they had arguments against some points it included for the sake of National unity.

Malouh, who was speaking at a TV show by the Palestinian Network Ma’an, said that he is very disturbed by calls from Fatah and Hamas leaders to their supporters to up rise against opponent governments.

Since coming to power in January of 2006, Hamas has been at odds with the Fatah party since a bloody clash broke out in June of 2007, leading to ejection by Hamas of Fatah-linked PA forces from Gaza. President Abbas of Fatah outlawed Hamas, as a result.

Hamas has told Egyptian mediators it would not sign the paper unless some clauses are removed. Among the modifications Hamas wants is not integrating Palestinian resistance factions into any upcoming national unity government’s security forces.

In Cairo, Egyptian intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, last week was quoted as saying that his country wants Hamas to sign a unity deal with Fatah, based on an Egyptian conciliation paper on which Fatah has already signed.

Suleiman’s remarks came during talks in Cairo between independent Gaza-based factions and dignitaries over a possible unity agreement between Hamas and Fatah.