Five Palestinian civilians were kidnapped on Monday by Israeli troops during military invasions targeting the southern West Bank city of Hebron and nearby villages.

Muntasser Braghith, 19 years old, and 24 years old Mohamed Ayash were taken by troops during a house to house search at the village of Biet Omer near Hebron city, local sources reported.

The sources added that soldiers attacked the Ayash home three times last week before kidnapping him on Monday.

14 years old Mohamed Jawabrah was kidnapped by Israeli troops when they stormed the Al Arob refugee camp. Witnesses said that soldiers fired at groups of children and the children hurled stones at the soldiers before they stormed the camp and kidnapped Jawabrah.

Moreover Hussam Fadel, aged 22, was kidnapped by Israeli troops when he was stopped at a military checkpoint in Hebron old city. In addition soldiers chased the car of Mohamed Abu Sharikh in Hebron city then kidnapped him, witnesses told local media.