Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, stated that the Palestinian Authority will act on prosecuting all Israeli war criminals who killed women, elderly and children during the aggression on Gaza one year ago. He added that the Israeli government committed one of its worst crimes against the Palestinian people and did not exclude a child, infant, a woman and an elderly, while the world observed this crime.

Abbas said that the Palestinian Authority would resort to international bodies to prosecute “those war criminals”, and will never back down until they are all prosecuted.

“On a day like this, one year ago, the occupation committed one of its ugliest crimes”, he stated, “The occupation did not have mercy on any child, woman and even a disabled elderly”.

He also stated that Gaza remains under siege while Israel is still threatening another war and aggression and at the same time the occupation ongoing with its illegal settlement activities in the West Bank, and with the execution of fighters.

“Time is blood, our nation is in danger, the Gaza Strip is still under siege and thousands of civilians are still homeless”, the Palestinian president said, “Dozens of thousands are unemployed, and thousands of bereaved families have no support, while Israel is still seeking further aggression and destruction”.

He further called on the Hamas movement to sign the Egyptian Unity Deal so that the Palestinians can regain their unity and rebuild the Gaza Strip.