Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated that the Palestinian Authority may reconsider its security cooperation with Israel, after Israeli military forces assassinated three Fatah activists in Nablus on December 26 of last year, Palestinian media sources reported.The source added that one of the three, had amnesty from Israel as part of the arrangement made between the Palestinian Authority and Israel over a year ago. According to this arrangement, Israel committed to grant amnesty to Palestinian fighters who hand over their weapons to the PA.

The Israelis scaled up their provocations, they continue to invade Palestinian areas, hinting to those killed in Nablus and three others killed in Gaza as well, Abbas told the Palestinian TV.

“We are now make a serious revision, and I say that publicly that given the way Israel is behaving, we are to reconsider a lot of issues in this regard,” Abbas Added, yet did not give detailed information about the way he intends to limit security relations with Israel.