The so-called Yesha Council of Settlements organized a protest for the settlers in front of the residence of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and installed an ice structure before breaking it up to symbolize their rejection to the temporary freeze of settlement activities. Israeli Ynet News reported that Tzviki Bar-Hai, head of the South Mount Hebron Settlement Council, said that this campaign is meant to symbolize thawing the freeze of settlement activities.

The settlers started preparing the ice structure since morning hours on Monday and brought ice blocks to build it representing settlement freeze in front of the official residence of Netanyahu.

The settlers tore down the ice structure at noon to deliver a message that they would break this freeze of settlement activities.

They said that the freeze on settlement activities is unconstitutional and violates the “rights of the Jewish people”.

They added that the fight against the freeze is a fight for the “national home”, and that they are aware that breaking this freeze does not happen overnight, but they will continue to fight it.

Settler leaders are planning to hold meetings with Israeli Members of Knesset, and the media, hoping that this will push the Israeli to “realize the effects of what is happening on the fate of the Israeli people”.

They said that this fight against settlements freeze should not only be the issue that concerns the 300.000 Jewish settlers, but it should be an issue of concern to every Jewish person.

Yet, the simple fact is that all Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and in occupied east Jerusalem are illegal and violate the International law.