Dozens of children in the Gaza Strip launched balloons carrying the pictures of their parent and family members who were killed by the Israeli army during Israel’s illegal war against the coastal region one year ago. The event took place in Abu Ja’far Al Mansur School for Boys in the Al Atatra area that was heavily bombarded during the war.

The children carried posters slamming the silence of the international community while Israel was pounding civilian facilities in the Gaza Strip.

They demanded prosecuting Israeli military and political leaders for their crimes against the Palestinians.

One of the children who lost his sight after the army bombarded his home said “Why was I blinded? What did I do? What crime did you commit? Why can’t we live like other children do, in peace and security?”

The Israeli army killed more than 1600 Palestinians, most of them children, women and elderly, during the war one year ago. Approximately 6000 Palestinians were wounded hundreds seriously.

During the war, the armed bombarded mosques, schools, hospitals, UNRWA facilities, roads, and civilian homes.