Israeli soldiers attacked on Thursday a Palestinian family in Al Tawana, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and kidnapped one family member.Local sources reported that soldiers attacked six family members after breaking into their homes. Soldiers attacked the residents with batons and rifle-butts; five were hospitalized in Abu Al Hasan Al Qasem hospital in Yatta city.

The sixth family member, Mosab Raba’ey, was also wounded and was kidnapped by the soldiers. He was moved to an interrogation center in the city.
Medical sources reported that the wounded family members are now in stable conditions and that they suffered bruises and concussions to varies parts of their bodies.

They were identified as Jom’a Raba’ey, Fatima Raba’ey, Kamal Raba’ey, Majdi Raba’ey and Ramzi Raba’ey.

Attacks against Palestinian families in Hebron, especially in the center of the city, are meant to push the families out of their homes to replace them with Jewish settlers.

Jewish settlers have an illegal outpost in Al Tiwani; they took over some Palestinian homes while the army continued to provide them with protection although they are heavily armed and they initiate the attacks against the Palestinian residents.

Besides Jerusalem and the ongoing illegal takeover and demolishing of Palestinian homes in the Old City, Hebron is the only West Bank city were thousands of settlers actually live in settlements and outposts in the center of the city.

The settlers also increased their attacks against the residents and their lands in villages around the city and in different areas of the occupied West Bank.

Hundreds of illegal settlement outposts are spread across the occupied West Bank and fundamentalist settlers are still seeking more illegal grab of Palestinian homes and lands.

They recently torched a mosque in Yafuf village, near the West Bank city of Salfit.