Three residents were injured on Friday at the weekly protest in Bil’in village, central West Bank. Dozens suffered from the effects of tear gas inhalation in the weekly protest against the Wall and settlements.

Army attacks nonviolent protesters in the West Bank – photo by Haytham Al katyeb 2009

As has been the case for almost five years now, villagers of Bil’in along with their international and Israeli supporters marched toward the wall, where an Israeli military unit was located behind blocks of cement.

During the demonstration Iyad Burnat head of the popular committee sent a message to US President Obama and Egypt’s Mubarak to stop supporting the apartheid wall, and to start working towards peace. He also denounced the Irish company C.R.H. for its continued support to the building of the apartheid Wall.

The army had earlier closed the gate in the wall with razor wire. When the protesters attempted to reach the land confiscated behind, soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets.

Journalist Abbas Al-Momani and Dr. Rateb Abu Rahmah, a member of the Popular Committee, were each hit with tear gas canisters in their heads. Edo Medix, an Israeli activist, was also injured.

Bil’in village is subjected to daily invasions by the Israeli military. Troops target local organizers’ homes and families that host international supporters.