The Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movements in Palestine stated in separate press releases that the Palestinian resistance did not reach a ceasefire deal with the occupation and will always defend itself and the Palestinian people from any Israeli aggression.Hamas leader, Ayman Taha, stated Friday that the Palestinian factions are aware of the internal situation and the effects of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, and will act accordingly.

He added that no one offered lull or truce, and that there was no agreement with the occupation in this regard.

Nafeth Azzam, a senior political leader of the Islamic Jihad, stated that the factions are trying to give the Palestinians the chance to recover from the Israeli aggression.

Azzam told the Maan News Agency that the policies of the movement are not based on reactions, and added that the resistance has the right to defend itself and its people.

He said that the current lull is based on the evaluation on the situation in Gaza and the harsh conditions of its people living under strict Israeli-led siege.

Azzam further stated that should Israel continue its air strikes against the Gaza Strip, the resistance will be forced to counter this aggression.