Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that four Israeli police officers were indicted on Sunday for abusing a Palestinian detainee after arresting him on suspicion of driving a stolen motorcycle.The charges include conducting an indecent act, abusing a helpless person, fraud, breach of trust and aggravated assault.

Haaretz said that the four police officers were arrested last week. The Investigation Department of the Israeli Police called for extending their remand.

The incident took place on December 30 when the officers detained Alan Abu Najma, on suspicion that he was driving a stolen motorcycle.

The police claim that Abu Najma stole the motorcycle and then phoned the owner asking for money.

The owner then contacted the local police and set up a meeting with Abu Najma to do the exchange.

Upon his arrest, one of the arresting officers reportedly urinated on Abu Najma, while other officers hurled cigarettes butts and ashes at him and also placed bananas and cream on his head, Haaretz reported.

Abu Najma also testified that one of the arresting officers inserted the barrel of him gun in his behind, in addition to punching and kicking him.