The Israeli prosecution at the Central Court in Jerusalem filed on Thursday an indictment against two Palestinian youths from East Jerusalem, for allegedly planning to attack Israeli soldiers at the Qaladia terminal.Israeli news agency, Maariv, reported that Husam Tawashi, 21, and Mohannad Abu Gharbiyya, 22, from Al Ram East Jerusalem neighborhood planned to attack Israeli soldiers stationed at the Qalandia terminal.

The two reportedly planned the attack in retaliation to the assassination of three Fateh members in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, last month.
Tawashi carries a Jerusalem identity card, while Abu Gharbiyya carries a Palestinian ID.

The Israeli prosecution claimed that after the two were unable to purchase a pistol and a rifle, they decided to attack the soldiers by hurling Molotov cocktails at them, and by trying to stab them.

The two purchased a 22 cm knife, and visited the roadblock several times to figure out the patterns of the soldiers in order to determine the time and date of the attack.

Maariv said that on January 5, the two youths headed to the Qalandia terminal at 11:30 in the morning; they reportedly phoned 911 to report on the stabbing before they reached the terminal “as such a call would lead to increasing the number of soldiers, an issue that would enable the two to inflict more injuries”.

But, according to the army, the two were detained after being searched at the terminal and the army located the Molotov cocktail and the knife.