Eight people have been injured, and five kidnapped, by the Israeli military in response to non-violent protests. These protests were organized by villagers in the West Bank who stand against the separation wall being constructed upon their land. The non-violent protests took place on Friday, one in the village of Dier Natham and the other in Al Nabi-Saleh, both located in the central region of the West Bank.

The protest in Dier Natham began after the completion of mid-day prayers and finished later in the afternoon. Despite a peaceful conclusion, six people were injured when the Israeli military used rubber-coated steal bullets in an attempt to disperse the remaining civilians and internationals. Israeli troops also attacked villagers homes and kidnapped one local youth after the protest.

The non-violent protest which took place in the village of Al Nabi-Saleh was also met with an aggressive response from the Israeli military. This anti-wall protest led to the injury of two civilians and the kidnapping of four others.