The Hamas movement in Lebanon held a massive ceremony marking the first Anniversary of Israel’s war on Gaza, and confirmed its stance in “resisting the occupation and countering [Israel’s] plots to eliminate the resistance”.Thousands of supporters attended the ceremony and expressed support to the resistance in the Palestinian territories.

Ali Baraka, senior Hamas political official in Lebanon, saluted the efforts of the Palestinians in Gaza, and vowed “that Hamas will remain committed to its people, the resistance and the sacrifices of the wounded and the martyrs”.

Baraka stated that the ongoing Israeli threats of a new war on Gaza “will not shake the steadfastness of the people and the fighters”.

Baraka said that the people in Gaza will not surrender, and that any future Israeli war will fail, and will be unable to achieve its objectives.

He also questioned Egypt’s intentions and criticized the country for building a separation wall on its border with Gaza, and Cairo’s rejection to modify its proposed Palestinian National Unity document.

Baraka said that Egypt’s “Wall of Shame” intends to eliminate the resistance and fulfill American and Israeli objectives in the region.

“This is their dream,” he added. “This is the dream that, God willing, will never come true.”