Dr. Mahmoud Zahhar, a political leader of the Hamas movement, stated that they would sign the Egyptian document for internal Palestinian unity should the Egyptian leadership provide guarantees to ensure a successful agreement.Zahhar said that Hamas does not want to sign on unclear issues, and that Egypt should provide clarifications so that all aspects are durable to ensure a lasting unity deal.

He added that Hamas believes that the transitional period should be used to achieve all needed arrangements and reconciliation measures to guarantee national interests and unity.

“We are determined to achieve unity, we want to make sure the Egyptian document is clear for all of us”, Zahhar said, “We demanded Egypt to provide guarantees to implementing all reached deals”.

Zahhar also insists that Egypt invite Hamas leaders for talks on the measures to guarantee the future unity deal is solid and flawless.

He also called for the end of “smear campaigns” that aim to create conflict between Hamas and Egypt, and that his movement is determined to uncover all events that led to the fatal shooting of an Egyptian border guard officer, near the southern Gaza Strip border.

“Our relation with Egypt is strategic, Egypt maintained the name of Palestine and its identity” the Hamas leader said, “Cairo preserved the issue of the refugees, gave them education, Egypt faces the same challenges we face”.

Zahhar added that there are “some parties that [are] trying to harm the relation with Egypt”, and that most of the national and Islamic Palestinian leaders studied and graduated in Egyptian colleges, and the colleges in the Arabic Gulf.

He further stated that Hamas believes in Egypt’s central role in the region, and that the movement does not accuse it of being complicit in Gaza siege.

“We appreciate the role of any human being who provides bread and medicine to Gaza and its residents”, Zahhar concluded.