Israeli soldiers attacked, on Thursday, a number of Palestinian reporters in the village of Burin, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. The reporters were documenting an event in which the residents planted more than 250 trees as part of the “Green Palestine” project.

Rami Sweidan, a cameraman working for the Maan News Agency, stated that soldiers violently attacked him and attempted to confiscate cameras from several reporters.

Anan al-Ateera, deputy to the governor of Nablus, described the behavior of the soldiers as “savage”, and added that the army always tries to prevent the reporters from documenting their violations.

Al-Ateera added that the area in question is under full Palestinian control and the army has no right to be there.

She also said that the residents managed to plant 250 olive trees and evergreens in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture and other institutions.

Israeli soldiers fired gas bombs and rubber-coated bullets; several residents received medical treatment at the scene after inhaling gas fired by the army.