Omar Hadhoud, the representative of the Palestinian Authority at the Al Oja trade terminal, stated Friday that aid trucks filled with food products donated the by the Red Crescent of the United Arab Emirates were allowed into Gaza.Hadhoud stated that twelve trucks, loaded with 700 Tons, including 500 Tons of Wheat and 200 Tons of sugar, were allowed through after Egypt coordinated their entry with Israel.

Al Oja terminal is a trade terminal designated for commercial trade between Israel and Egypt. The Red Crescent were allocated 3 days to use the crossing.

The Ma’an News Agency reported that Mustafa Tayeh, in charge of aid relief at the Arab Physicians Union, said that talks are ongoing with Egypt to allow medical aid, estimated value of 15 million USD, into Gaza by next week through the Rafah Terminal.

The aid includes medicine and equipment for treating cancer, kidney failure, heart conditions and other serious illnesses.

It also includes 10 urgent care vehicles for patients with heart conditions and a special truck for incubation.

Tayeh further stated that the APU is negotiating with Egypt to allow the entry of 50 physicians into the coastal region to perform at least 500 surgeries.

Furthermore, the physicians are also carrying nearly 250.000 items of clothing, and shoes for the children of the Gaza Strip.