Fatima al-Dahoudy, a home-owner and resident of East Jerusalem, was fined 20,000 NIS after objecting to a court ruling allowing settlers to live in her home. An additional fine of 7,000 NIS was imposed to cover costs incurred by the prosecution.
The Maan News Agency reported Fatima al-Dahoudy was ordered to share her home with Jewish Settlers. Male settlers will be permitted to stay every day until 8 P.M, while settler women are allowed to occupy the residence at night.

Court prosecutors and claims by the settlers have caused the al-Dahoudy family to lose half of their property. They are also required to pay 1,000 NIS a month in order to retain ownership of the other half of their home. 

The al-Dahoudy family has lived in the home in question for 80 years, prior to the creation of the Israeli state.

The loss of Fatima’s property was precipitated by a woman named Nadia al-Tatanji. Al-Tatjani is a Jewish woman who led Fatima to falsely beleive she was Arabic.

Al-Tatanji told Fatima she was in the home remodeling business and offered to modify and fix the al-Dahoudy property. Al-Tatanji had Fatima sign documents allowing the modification of her property.

Nadia al-Tatanji, whose real name is Wazna al-Tatanji, forged documents using Fatima’s signature which led to the District Court ordering Fatima and her family share their property.

This issue comes amidst extensive campaigning by settlers to occupy Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem neighborhoods.