Izzat Al Rihisq, a member of Hamas’ political bureau, claims Israeli agents are responsible for the death of Mahmoud Al Madbouh on January 20th in Dubai.Details of the incident are unknown as investigation by Hamas and authorities in the United Arab Emirates are ongoing.

Al Jazeera news agency reported, ‘a brother of al-Mabhouh said he had been killed by electric shock after an electrical appliance was held to his head.’

The validity of this statement is unknown as no official comment has been issued. Israeli authorities have also refused to speak about the incident.

Al Rishiq said the body of Al Madbouh was moved to Syria on Thursday evening for burial in Damascus after Friday prayers.

Al Madbouh is from Jabalia refugee camp in the Gaza Strip but he had been living in Syria since 1989. The alleged assassination occurred while Madbouh was traveling through Dubai.

Al Madbouh was one of the founders of the Al Qassam Brigades, an armed faction of Hamas. Operations executed under the control of Al Madbouh include the kidnapping and ultimate death of Israeli corporal, Avi Saport, in 1988. The soldier was killed by his abductors after Israel refused to hold prisoner-swap talks.

On May 3, 1989, Al Qassam fighters also kidnapped corporal Elan Sadoun and killed him after the location of his hideout was compromised.

The Hamas political party believe that Israeli agents killed Al Madbouh for his role in abducting and killing two soldiers.