Israeli troops and workers for the Jerusalem municipality raided, on Monday at midday, Palestinian owned homes and shops located at the Wadi al-Jouz neighborhood near Jerusalem’s old city. Residents told reporters that troops and Israeli municipality workers stormed a number of homes and shops, searched them, and audited them.

The municipality claims that the residents and shop owners have not paid property taxes that Israel enforces on the Palestinian residents.

Amongst the homes that were attacked in this Palestinian neighborhood, was the house of Ishak al-Qaswasmi, a local journalist.

He told The Palestine News and information Agency WAFA that his daughter was alone in the house in troops stormed and searched it.

Qaswasmi added that his daughter was left in shock due to the soldier’s violent behavior.

Residents of Wadi al-Jouz, say that this is not the first time their homes and shops have been raided in this manner, and that it sometimes occurs at night, andthe families forced out in the cold while soldiers search the property.