Egyptian security sources reported Monday that a young Ethiopian man was shot and wounded by Egyptian Border Police fire, and another man was arrested while trying to infiltrate Israel through an area south of Kerem Shalom (Karem Abu Salem) Crossing. The source added that border policemen noticed two African immigrants trying to cross through an opening in the barbed-wires near border marker #13, south of the crossing.

The Egyptian border police claimed that the two were repeatedly ordered to stop, and that the policemen had to open fire at them after they ignored the warnings.

One of the immigrants was shot in his left thigh and suffered cuts and bruises after falling on the barbed wire. The two were identified as Najos Edrees and Zaro Mahrai, both 20.

On Sunday, an Ethiopian immigrant was shot and killed by Egyptian fire, while an immigrant from Cameron was shot in his thigh while trying to cross the barbed wire in an attempt to illegally enter Israel seeking work.

The incident took place near marker #11, five kilometers away from the Rafah Border Terminal.

Also on Sunday, the Egyptian Border Police arrested eight African immigrants (six Eritreans and two Ethiopians) near marker #50, in the Sinai desert.