Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, warned, Monday, of the possibility of military confrontations with Syria due to the lack of progress during indirect talks with the country, and added that such an issue could develop into a comprehensive war. Speaking to senior military commanders, Barak stated that a conformation with Damascus would lead Israel to holding talks on the same issues indirectly discussed with Syria fifteen years ago.

He also said that a peace settlement with Syria is not ‘the dream’ of Damascus, but the best option and decision Syria should make.

Barak added that if Syria believes it can defeat or deceive Israel, it would then prefer to choose this path instead of engaging in peace talks.

As for Iran, Barak stated that Iran is “a central threat to Israel and the world”, and that all options are open in dealing with the country.

He added that the United States intends to conduct international efforts in the coming months in an attempt to impose further sanctions on Iran and its regime.

Furthermore, Barak stated that the United States would try to convince China and other countries that imposing sanctions on Iran has minimum effects on changing the Iranian policies and its “Nuclear aspirations”.