Israeli Foreign Minister, opposition leader, Tzipi Livni, vowed to visit Britain soon even if the country refrains from changing its laws regarding the arrest and prosecution of leaders accused of committing war crimes.There is an outstanding arrest warrant against Livni in Britain for its alleged role in war crimes against the Palestinian people during the war on Gaza.

Livni said that she is “proud” of the decisions she made during what she described as “war on terror”.

She added that she does not fear the criminal lawsuit against her, and vowed to visit Britain soon.

Livni added that the Israelis have the right to travel wherever they want in the world without any limitations.

“Britain, a country that fights terror, just as we do, must change its laws”, Livni stated, “Even if they don’t change their laws, I will visit the U.K”.

London is preparing to change its laws that allow prosecuting war criminals in British courts. Several Israeli leaders, including Livni and Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, are facing legal prosecutions in London.

But the British government, and due to Israeli pressures, is trying to change its laws that allow filing lawsuits against foreign officials.

In mid-December of 2009, a British Court issued an arrest warrant for Tzipi Livni over allegations of involvement in war crimes in the Gaza Strip. The court withdrew the decision after finding out the Livni was not in the UK.

She was scheduled to visit the UK during Israel’s Operation Cat Lead offensive but cancelled her attendance in advance after learning about the arrest warrant.
Israeli Vice Foreign Minister, Danni Ayalon, intends to visit London in order to explain Israel’s stance, and will demand the UK to change its laws.

Israeli sources reported that Ayalon intends to tell British officials that Israel “does not get intimidated by terror”.

Ayalon will also demand the British government to change its laws so that Israeli officials can travel freely and visit the country the same way “other leaders who counter terrorism do”.

Livni, former Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, and other senior Israeli officials are facing allegations of ordering air strikes and offensives that targeted civilian homes and facilities such as UNRWA facilities, education facilities, medical facilities and mosques.

During its last year’s war on Gaza, Israel killed 1419 Palestinians; most of them were civilians, women and children. The army also killed medics and shelled hospitals.

In repeated bombardment and air strikes, targeting resistance fighters and political leaders. The Israeli army killed and wounded thousands of civilians.